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  • ボタニカルを、味わう。
  • ボタニカルを、味わう。

At TUNE STAY KYOTO BAR, we want you to
enjoy a gin and tonic of your own choosing and creation.
Inflate the spirit of exploration,
imagine what kind of flavors that will be, and combine them together.
Draw out the best of each and make them harmonize.
It is up to you to design the combination.

The moment you sip your own gin and tonic,
what kind of world will unfold before your eyes?
Enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime gin and tonic.


Opening hours: 5:00PM – 10:30PM
Available for hotel guests only
Tips for Enjoyment:
Have a spirit of exploration,
like enjoying a chemical experiment…and turmeric.

What’s Gin Tonic?

Back in the 17th century,
when England and the Netherlands were competing for supremacy in East Asia,
many expatriates posted to the Asian region were dying of malaria.
Various medicines were tried,
and “quinine”, an ingredient in the bark of the kina tree,
was found to be effective against malaria.
However, it was very bitter, and the locals drank it using a mixture of sugar,
soda water, and Geneva (a medical drink that was widely used then).
This is said to be the origin of today’s gin and tonic.

  • Craft Gin

    Craft Gin is a distilled spirit called “GIN”
    made from local herbs and spices,
    with various arrangements
    made by the distiller.
    Experience the creator’s passion
    and the local flavor.

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  • Tonic Water

    A carbonated beverage prepared
    by adding quinine,
    an ingredient refined from the quinina plant,
    extracts of various aromatic herbs
    and citrus fruits, and sugar to carbonated water.
    It is said to go well with spirits,
    and gin and tonic, combined with gin,
    is a popular and widely known cocktail.

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  • Garnish

    Fruits, herbs, and spices that garnish
    a gin and tonic.
    The garnish is so important that
    it can change the name of the cocktail.