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  • 本屋の中を、旅する。
  • 本屋の中を、旅する。
  • 本屋の中を、旅する。

Because we value being close to the traveler,
this is the type of bookstore that we can offer.

We have prepared a collection of books that
we wish will complete you as you travel through Kyoto.
Take your time to walk around the bookstore,
go through the shelves, and choose a book.
You will encounter a book that attracts you.

The books you bump into here will surely become
your new guideposts on your journey.


Available 24 hours a day
Business hours: 7:00AM – 10:30PM
(You can only make a purchase during these hours)
Can be used by: Hotel guests only
Rules: Unpurchased items cannot be brought into the room.
Tips on how to have fun: Don’t forget to bring your curiosity.
Things you can leave behind: Your worry about time.


NUMABOOKS is a creative team based in Tokyo,
with a wide range of book-related know-how and networks,
as well as excellent ideas for solving various problems.
They produce everything from stores and libraries to paper books and websites.
They produce, consult, plan, edit, and produce all kinds of spaces and media.
They also run a new bookstore “Bookshop B&B” in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.




VALUE BOOKS is a company that engages in a variety of activities centered
on the purchase and sale of used books over the Internet,
with the aim of providing the best possible service for book readers.
While their main business is the purchase and sale of used books on the Internet,
they are also involved in various projects centered on the sale
and purchase of used books, such as the “Honya Zapper,
” a physical bookstore in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, the “BOOKBUS,”
a mobile bookstore that delivers books to areas without bookstores,
and “Charibon,” a fundraising service that allows people to send used books to raise money.
They are challenging various projects centered on the used book trade.


  • 京都魔界地図 綾辻行人/京都魔界倶楽部 (PHP 研究所)
  • 鶴見俊輔伝 黒川創 (新潮社)
  • 90年代のこと 僕の修業時代 堀部篤史(夏葉社)
  • もうひとつの京都 アレックス・カー (世界文化社)
  • 京都の平熱 哲学者の都市案内鷲田清一(講談社)
  • 京都の中華 姜尚美(幻冬舎)
  • 追憶のほんやら洞甲斐扶佐義(風媒社)
  • 詩と科学 湯川秀樹 (平凡社)